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Pastor John

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Pastor John is a pastor in Karnataka, S. India. Unfortunately the violence against Christian believers in India is real.  Village churches and private Christian homes are being destroyed and church leaders like Pastor John are being threatened.  In India Christians are considered enemies of the country, they are mocked, beaten, and threatened.  No jobs will be given to Christians and so even their congregations are without jobs. Pastors are placed in the position of being a “father” figure and a representation of the love of God the Father to them and this places a great burden on the pastors to help provide their needs. God is using him in the prophetic, deliverance and healing ministries.  Pastor John has raised over 84 outreach mission stations throughout India.  He works with the youth and adults throughout India.  He has the zeal to reach the unreachable of India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tacoma Christian Center’s Women’s Ministry supports Pastor John and his family in India through donations from our members.  These donations help Pastor John in his outreach mission stations in India as well as with the needs of his congregation.

Enjoy this video message from Pastor John: