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Virtual Bingo

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Rules and guidelines:

  • You will receive two Bingo cards.
  • We will play as many rounds as we can with the two cards.
    • Do not mark on the cards with a dauber, marker or pen. Use coffee beans, dried beans, or coins.
  • When you have a Bingo you raise your hand and yell Bingo. Winners will be tracked for prizes.
  • Laugh and have fun.

NOTE: If you are playing in-person, your temperature will be taken as you arrive; you must have a mask on at all times; and maintain social distancing.

Please use the form below to indicate your play preferences.

    I would like to:
    Play in personPlay on Zoom

    If using Zoom, choose one option:
    Please mail my Bingo CardsI will pick up my Bingo card on a Sunday.I will pick up my Bingo card on a Weekday.