Strength and Power

God is the STRENGTH of your life!  He doesn’t see weakness as bad but HE sees it as his opportunity to increase HIS Power in your life.

He Answers

“You Are Not Alone”

Most of us have seen this picture.  It is paired with the famous Poem called, “Footprints in the Sand” I’m so glad I can count on Him. “Lord, You told me when I decided to follow You, You would walk and talk with me all the way. But I’m aware that during the most troublesome […]

God Supplies, all we have to do is Ask!

GOD CAN PROVIDE EVEN WHEN; the news says their MIGHT be a food shortage your child does not want to eLearn you’ve lost your job you feel alone you are afraid SOO… DON’T FORGET TO ASK

A Cheerful Heart….

A cheerful heart, how do you have a cheerful heart during these times???  People are out of work, parents are working from home, with their children under their feet, eating up the groceries and wanting you to entertain them. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to […]

We are all human with human emotions. Don’t ignore them.

I woke up with this Psalm in my heart.  Psalms 27 is powerful chapter which will empower and engourage you to start each day with confidence.  Look at verse 5; For in the day of trouble     He will keep me safe in his dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of his […]

Kids are going to be as stable as You Are!

Hello it’s your resident therapist here to tell you, God will can keep us in Perfect Peace. Isaiah 26:3   –  3 He will keep in perfect peace for those who trust in him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord! Hard sometimes to be in perfect peace when we are bombarded with facts about the seriousness of […]