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Dance Ministry

Dance-LOpportunities to dance in the WIND ministry are presented throughout the year at Tacoma Christian Center. To participate in WIND, you must be a member in good standing at Tacoma Christian Center and fill out a ministry application form. Wind is Tacoma Christian Center’s dance ministry. Open to people of all ages, we seek to edify God’s Kingdom. Wind’s ministry embraces those with a heart to dance along with those who have experience with dance.


To promote the development of an intimate relationship with God through the interpretation of praise & worship with dance.

Scripture support:

Dance – Psalms 149:3
Flags, Banners, Streamers – Psalms 20:5


Tacoma Christian center will have multigenerational and multiethnic vessels united for the purpose of liturgical dance based on a strong biblical foundation.


To edify God’s Kingdom by enhancing the praise & worship experience of Tacoma Christian Center
Share, train and encourage those with desire to minister in dance

Dance-RTo Contact Wind:
Tacoma Christian Center
3523 E. McKinley Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98404
Phone: 253-272-6079