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Helps Ministries

Responsible for maintaining the decency and order of service. They assist with providing information to visitors and members as well as assist with emergency situations as appropriate.

Tech and Sound Ministry

Responsible for providing technical and quality sound support for praise and worship, special programs and preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Parking Lot Ministry

Responsible for providing security for members, vehicles and guest while on church campus.


Responsible for providing security for the Senior Pastor and First Lady. Also responsible for coordinating communication between security member inside and outside the church.

Aid Ministry

Responsible for providing a safe environment

to all families while on the campus by trained servants of God.


God gave His best (His Son) and we have the opportunity to give our best back to Him!

The Greeters Ministry is a very important ministry and an exciting opportunity to be used by the Lord to bless others. Greeters are the first impression for our church and are responsible for greeting all members and visitors as they enter the church. Your most important asset as a Greeter is your smile and your ability to make each person feel welcome.


Our mission is to provide support, encouragement and comfort for members of Tacoma Christian Center and their families that are in the hospital or confined to their homes.

Firm Believers In Christ Fellowship

The Firm Believers in Christ Fellowship was formed to meet the spiritual needs ofall who are struggling with substance abuse. We operate on the same basicprincipals as AA, however, our Christian faith determines our higher power.

Our primary goal is sobriety and stability for all who are afflicted with substance abuse, in the Church as well as in the community. We know that long term sobriety can be achieved by building a loving relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ one day at a time. Our sole purpose is sobriety through our Lord Jesus Christ!

1 Peter 5:8-10


The Jail/Prison Ministry is a performing outreach ministry who as ambassadors of Christ, visit the captive, those lost in sin and those held in bondage by the rulers and principalities of this dark world, as we take Christ with us to various prison facilities. A ministry to reach all who want Christ first in their lives but cannot visit our campus because of limited restrictions due to incarceration. We confess that our ministry will grow in strength and spread throughout the community, the Puget Sound area and in the state and someday become a rehabilitation center that give those in need of our service and a second chance in life.