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High 5

High 5 Is a series of steps developed by Tacoma Christian Center to increase a person’s awareness and understanding of a relationship with Jesus Christ and having a church home. Your journey in developing a relationship with Jesus Christ and Tacoma Christian Center begins with:

Step One

  • Altar Call – An altar call is a practice in which those who wish to make a spiritual commitment to Christ are invited to come forward. After service our Pastor extends an invitation for:
  • Salvation (Receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior)
  • Re-dedication (Recommitting your life to Jesus Christ)
  • Church Membership (Choosing Tacoma Christian Center as your church home)
  • Baptism (The act identifying with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ)

At Tacoma Christian Center you will be greeted by a trained Altar Call Counselor. In our G.I.F.T Room the counselors will provide information and explanations for any questions you may have.

Step Two

  • TCC Academy is a two hour class that presents the history, beliefs, information systems and leadership of Tacoma Christian Center.

TCC Academy is offered the fourth Sunday of every month at 9:00 a.m.

Step Three

  • Discipleship – a series of one-on-one sessions that focus on the fundamentals of the Christian faith to assure sound Christian beliefs and concepts.

Members are encouraged to sign up and anchor their faith

Step Four

  • Pipeline – Getting involved in our ministry of helps. Using your unique interests, skills and talents by volunteering in various ministries

Connect and commit with others who share your interests, skills and abilities.

Step Five

  • Boomerang – A quarterly greet and meet opportunity for new members and the leadership of Tacoma Christian Center