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Pastor John September Update

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In India Christians are considered enemies of the country, they are mocked, beaten, fired from their jobs and threatened. Pastor John has raised over 84 outreach mission stations throughout India. Because of the abuse against Christians in India Pastor John and his team are placed in a position of meeting their congregation’s spiritual and physical needs.

The government’s response to COVID-19 has been to place the country on lock down without providing financial help. People are allowed out of their homes 4 hours a day. There was also a locust attack on the villages in May which impacts their food supply. They are suffering price hikes on certain food items as we have in the United States. The people are suffering from starvation and dehydration as water is rationed. Pastor John and his team with donations received from different ministries such as Tacoma Christian Center’s Women’s Ministry have provided to date 110 food packets to families in their region and beyond. One of the families they were able to help was a lady who walked 18 miles to Pastor John’s home as she heard he had food to give.