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Bill’s Healing

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Bill:  Praise God! In the middle of June, I came down with kidney stones and I had a CT scan. I went to urologist, he sent for a second one.  They found cancer in my left kidney, that was on the 3rd on the 4th I came to try to see Pastor but he was going to be back until late in the afternoon.  There was no way I could get back then, but that night.  That Friday night, he came and said the Lord said you can’t do your sermon you have to pray for the people.  That was just what I was asking for.

Now when I found about this cancer it was on the 3rd and the Lord gave me great peace over it.  I didn’t have anxiety or fear, trembling or anything.  When Pastor prayed with me, it was like a greater peace and confirmation that everything was okay. Now Monday the 7th, I had a meeting with my neurologist, he showed me my kidney and there was a big spot right in the middle of my kidney.  It wasn’t tiny it was big, about half of it and so he set up an operation to put a camera in to look at it and to perform a biopsy.  That was last Monday that they did that, Wednesday I got the report. They found “nothing” on my kidney.

Pastor:  Well can you get on your feet.  Let God take a look at you that you understand.  They found nothing on that kidney.

Bill:  There was one other thing that I forgot to say, that at this point in time I got almost $19,500 in medical bills.  $0 balance on my sheet!

Pastor:  Did you say $19,500 in medical bills.

Bill:  Yes, with the emergency room and the CT scan; the CT scan was $5,700 alone and when it all total’s up and what is going to costs for Monday and the other two doctors but it’s roughly $19,500 right now.

Pastor:  And you say that, that’s been taken care of?

Bill:  That’s been taken care of and I still don’t know what this operation is going to cost, but it’s going to be a zero balance too.

Pastor:  Give God the Glory!  The 8/8 Gate is open!  The 8/8 Gate is open! The 8/8 Gate is open!  The 8/8 Gate is open!  Wow!  The 8/8 Gate is open!  Hallelujah!

Pastor:  Physical Blessing and Financial Blessing from God.  The 8/8 Gate is Open!