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Blessing of a job for my daughter

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I wanted to share a Blessing this 8th month of year in my household.  My daughter was seeking employment I heard Alaska Airlines was hiring and suggested she give them a try.  She said okay and sure enough she responded to what I asked and she contacted Alaska Airlines.  They responded to her with a request of a video interview, following which she was scheduled for an in person interview and was hired on the spot.  Now the hiring was contingent upon that she pass all the test nicotine and the background check.  Well the problem is my daughter is/was a heavy smoker.  A habit she picked up right after high school.  A twenty-five year old habit is hard to break.  But when receiving the good news that she got the job, she quit smoking that same day.

Now remember they tested, they did the test for nicotine here for me is the just…a bigger miracle.  .

  1. She quit smoking…that was a miracle after 25 years
  2. Alaska Airlines…come on, you get a job with Alaska that is a huge blessing

They took the test…a mouth swab was taken for nicotine.  Church Alaska Airlines testers for nicotine…found nothing.

Give God a praise.

And the cherry on the top, she has asthma.  She doesn’t have asthma anymore.  Give God Praise!  But God!  But God!!  Amen

So members if you have someone in your household, your family that needs the 8/8 Blessing make sure you pray and ask God to Bless your household, Bless your family, Bless your relatives, be specific because the Gate is wide open.  Amen