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Blessing of equipment working

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A couple of weeks ago, I received a text message from Minister Rachelle who is in charge of Children’s Ministry.  She said the laptop was not reading the projector and was not working. I told her it might be the HDMI cable and that I would come by during the week with my laptop to check it.

I came in the Wednesday and checked the old laptop and the HDMI cable.  I attached the HDMI cable to laptop and it did not work either.  When my trouble shooting attempts to did work, I went to Pastor Wayne who has more knowledge regarding the cables and computer etc.,

Pastor Wayne purchased a new HDMI cable and worked on the system prior to the Back to School Event scheduled later that day. On Sunday morning Pastor Wayne asks if I had my laptop with me. Everyone knows I usually I have my laptop with me all the time, except for this day, I didn’t have it with me.  He had plugged the new HDMI cable into the Children’s Ministry laptop and it still did not work.  We worked on it for another hour or so and decided instead of a new HDMI cable we needed a new laptop.  We agreed that I would bring my laptop the following Sunday.

Friday, Minister Rachelle brought a different laptop and tried to get it to work with the old HDMI cable and it did not work.  I had my laptop with me so we got Pastor Wayne and tried to see if we could get it to work.  We tried with both laptops and nothing worked.  We took my laptop upstairs and connected it directly to the projector and it worked.  In looking at this we decided we needed a new HDMI cable and a new laptop.

Sunday came and Pastor Wayne hooked up the new HDMI cable to my laptop, everything was working fine.  I was in the process of downloading music and the PowerPoint for that Sunday from the old laptop to my laptop….when Pastor Wayne said mmmm….let me see something and he unplugged the HDMI cable from my laptop and connected it to the old Children’s Ministry laptop.  It worked perfectly, a laptop that was not working, a HDMI cable that was not working and only God made it all work!

Only God can make equipment work that didn’t work before.  Only God!