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But God

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I will do my best to share this 8/8 testimony as susinctly as I can.  I prefer to remain anonymous but have to share what God did for me during the season of the 8/8 gate opening for TCC.

First of all, I want to frame this testimony by sharing that I was gainfuly employed earning a high five figure income which I was always thankful to God for providing.

Two years ago, I made a decision to plan for a career change so I enrolled in a Masters program which I recently completed.  My goal was to transition to a new career field within a year of completing my Masters degree.

I rationalized that I would have to take a small step backwards in salary, responsibility and benefits being that I was entering a new career field “BUT GOD” intervened and the 8/8 gate swung wide open.

Now I had applied for the job in mid June and had actually forgotten that I had applied.  I was contacted by HR on 7/31 for an interview which I accepted and completed on 8/2.  That following Sunday on 8/6 you shared what God had given you about the 8/8 gate for TCC members (I opted  for the one big blessing with the job opportunity in mind).

On 8/11, I interviewed with the SVP / hiring manager and from there was forwarded for vetting by five other senior leaders within the organization culminating with the SVP/Hiring Manager flying in to meet with me in person on 8/31 for lunch where an offer of a six figure salary and excellent benefits was made.

The significance of this testimony was that I was under extreme pressure on my current job and had been for some time “BUT GOD” helped me to withstand and endure it all with the poise, grace and professionalism similar to that sister in the movie “Hidden Figures” (not as bad as she had it though).

I also was prepared to accept a much lower salary and admitted as much in the initial interview with the HR recruiter when she shot a low ball salary as a way to gauge my salary requirements.

With that in mind I was expecting a low offer.  Needless to say I was so blown away by the offer that was made, because I had done my home work and was acutely aware of what a senior level manager should get in that field.

I was speechless and after I accepted the offer and was walking back to my car; my reaction was similar to the Will Smith character in the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” as I walked through a crowd of people in downtown Seattle with my hands clasped together against my mouth, a crying smile and eyes filled with tears of joy; struggling to keep my emotions under control in public.

I know that this job wasn’t of my doing nor was it because of my intellect or education, it was God taking little and making more.  I had been so marginalized and under valued in my current job as a manager and could never seem to break through to the senior level that I rightfully deserved.

Feeling that I couldn’t go on, I decided to walk away and change career fields for what I thought would be less salary and responsibility.

BUT GOD picked me up and changed my circumstances.  Professionally speaking, I was nothing in my own eyes BUT GOD lifted me to a place that I thought would take me at least five years to get to and gave me beyond what I desired in salary, responsibility and benefits!

In closing, the 8/8 gate is real and God can do above and beyond what we can believe him for.

Humbled and Blessed,