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Galvin and Angela Milloy – New House

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We been singing about it Amen! Since Friday that God Blessed us with a new house.

Last year around this time Pastor started preaching in August about some things that would happen that coming September. I was on a temporary promotion as a Supervisory, I stated August 1. It was just temporary for 4 months. In January 2017 I became permanent as a supervisor, Amen! So financially it seemed like a better time. Because we had thought about moving. My new neighbor Melissa about two years ago said “you should come move to our neighborhood” it just wasn’t the right time for us. So working and serving; working and serving at the Church, and then finances changed and promotion and raise In Jesus Name and now here we are, we started looking.

I had a whole list, scripture says make the vision plain. So I wrote it all down, so this was my wish list and I really wanted to move out of Spanaway. Because she grew up in Parkland and Spanaway has a bad connoction to it, so that was a big part of my wish list. And I work in Auburn and Galvin works in Tacoma and it really doesn’t make since location wise. So we’re looking, looking, looking everywhere, Fife, Milton, Federal Way, Edgewood, Auburn, I mean anywhere that you can think of that is not Spanaway. I was holding Spanaway to the end because I know we would probably find something in Spanaway. We’ve been living there for 12 years and haven’t had any problems. But Angela doesn’t want to look in Spanaway. So we’re looking everywhere, so we walk into places Galvin be like uh uh.

So with that being said, our house was on the market, we had a buyer; the first one fell through and then a couple of days later we had a new buyer. We tried to sale the same house two years ago and no bites at all. Same exact house two years and it sold in one day. The market is crazy right now but that goes to show you that God was saying not right now. We just wanted to break even Amen! Because we were upside down on our loan so we were hoping we could just break even. Two years later we had equity, Amen! For that down payment, Amen! We told Lady G we gon’ just leave and she said “who told you to just leave and walk away from a house?” We like alright, we’ll stay Amen and we stayed Amen and we got $15,000 of equity Amen, Hallelujah! Same house, Amen! Same God, Amen! So my list, we’re looking at places and checking things off the list. So one our now new neighbor said, “Galvin you just need to come to our neighborhood, just drive around I’ve seen a couple of signs.” So he drives around the neighborhood and they’re having an open house and I’m like okay, we’ll go over there and look, it’s Spanaway though but okay. So we go I’m checking everything off the list and it had everything that I wanted except it was still in Spanaway. However, I just had to trust God, this is not the season for us to be out of Spanaway I guess. I’m just gon’ believe that. She loves the house, Amen! So I took mom and I was pouty face the whole time, yea I know it’s nice mom, yea it’s beautiful, hm hm, it’s new. So the house is wonderful, it’s only a year old. The family that was there before was military and just moved out in June. They barely made a year. In February they made their year and there is no reason for me to complain. It has everything that was on my list. God met every need and He will provide and we had that equity to put towards the down payment. We have some monies that we can use to buy some things for the house. Amen! Amen! God is good! Amen! All the time!

8/8 Blessing:
Sale of old home with $15,000 equity
Purchase of new home.


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