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Healing Testimony

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Around the end of 2016, I believe it was in December.  Pastor you asked to pray a healing prayer and you prayed for anyone and everyone that wanted healing.  I didn’t ask for myself, but I asked for my sister.  My sister had been in and out of nursing facilities most of that year.  Anything that could attack her body did, so Pastor you prayed for her.

As a result of her going in and out of nursing facilities she developed pressure wounds over time and these pressure wounds were getting worse and not better.  All that these facilities would tell me and my family is that it was because she is diabetic and she had poor circulation.  I knew in my heart if I didn’t step in and do something my sister wouldn’t be here today.  

At that time, my sister needed 24hour care and I didn’t know how to bring her home and make that happen.  But with prayer and the Lord we figured it out.  At that point her health had gotten pretty bad.  By the grace of God I was able to get COPES to bring in three care providers and a nurse, with me and my family we were able to get the 24hour care.  Over the year she had many pressure wounds that could have taken her life, many infections, I was told by a few doctors to amputate but I did not feel that that was the cure that was the thing to do.

My 8/8 Blessing, it’s been over a year around the end of December of 2016.  The 8/8 testimony or the 8/8 Word came August 8th of 2017, in the midst while my sister and the whole family was dealing with all of this.  As the doctor’s encouraged for amputation to take place God continued to move. “I need to say that again, God continued to move.” One more time, “God continued to move.”  It’s been a little over a year and my sister is almost totally healed.  December 2017 over a year we are now of course in 2018 the prophecy came August 8th, the timing of God to manifest this and this healing coming about connected with the 8/8 prophecy.  

She is my 8/8 miracle, the doctor that treated her says that my sister is her “miracle patient.”  I have to take this time to give God all the Praise and Glory for bringing her through this journey and also want to say thank you Pastor for all your prayers.  

P.S.  She didn’t have anything amputated!!