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Marissa Garrett – Grant and Internship

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I am currently a student a UW. I’m working on my doctorate in Nursing Practice Adult Gerontology, Nurse Practitioner, and Primary Care, that’s a lot of words to say that I’ll be a medical provider for ages 14 and up. (I’ll be finishing up in March.  So I have two quarters left. Actually I have a final today so if you’re thinking about me later, pray for me.)

In May I applied for a scholarship, it was specifically for Gerontology so working with older adults and that’s part of what I want to do but it’s not the whole scope of what I want to do in my practice. And so I applied for the scholarship and the training and they said we would hear sometime this summer.  It took me hours to work on the essay and get all the information together.  And so all summer I’ve been waiting to hear to see if I received the scholarship or not.

In the meantime another scholarship opened up another training ship in July. It opened really quickly and closed really quickly.  So I had all these essays and everything wrote already, I just kind of tweaked them and applied for that too.  I didn’t have too much information on that one but I was like if it is free money I have to apply for it.  So I applied for both of them.

The Prophetic Word came on Sunday and here’s what I wrote.  These are just the highlights:

A new season begins on 8/8; seasons of Blessings, Breakthrough, Miracles. The Lion of Judah will fully open the Gate on Tuesday.  It’s been swinging open but will fully open on Tuesday 8/8.  It can be multiple blessings for some twelve; or more or one big Blessing and I told God that I want the Big Blessing.  Those who have been waiting the wait will come to a close.  Uphold with Praise and Worship the manifestation will come as we continue to Praise and dwell in worship.

So now Tuesday rolls around and I’ve been waiting to hear back all summer. Tuesday morning comes and I say “okay God it’s Tuesday” and so I’m like checking my email all day just waiting.  Because I just know I’m going to hear something.  So the first scholarship I applied to, the Gerontology scholarship I got an email from the Scholarship committee and it was a letter of rejection.  I was like well “how did this happen” and so I knew I had two options there.  I knew I could have a pity party and I can invite anyone else who wants to come along with me to have a pity party.  Or I could uphold God in Praise and Worship and I knew that He was watching me. So I was like alright Lord, I’m gonna uphold you in Praise and Worship.  I don’t know what You’re gonna do but I know You’re gonna do something. Because of out of the days out of the summer You chose to give me this rejection letter on this day. So I knew something was going to happen.  So I just kept Praising God! Praising God! Then Thursday morning I heard back from the other trainingship I had applied to and they said they wanted to give me close to $17,000 of scholarship money, free money, money I don’t have to pay back.  And, the trainingship part is going to be working with real communities underserved and underprivileged people, and if you know anything about me you know I love mission work if it’s in Africa or the Philippines or over here on the Hilltop passing out sandwiches.  It’s just something I love to do.  So He Blessed me with the financial support so that I don’t have to take out anymore loans for the rest of my schooling and extra training for what I actually want to do in life.  So what I thought you know what I thought the blessing was going to come, it came a different way and in the meantime I continued to Praise and continued to Worship because that is what He has required us to do.