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Out of the Blue Blessing

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One of the things the Lord shared with me with 8/8 the Lion of Judah the Gate is Open the fulfillment of prophecy that blessings will come in a variety of ways.  There’s no limits, a variety of ways big and small and however way they come in, identify that it was God and give God thanks and praise for it, Amen

How many of you have the glasses to see the eclipse? Okay, so on Monday the 21st the day of the eclipse.  I really wanted to see it, I figured it would be my last time here on earth to see the eclipse.  Somebody say Amen! The next one is however many years and I’ll be in heaven.  I can watch the eclipse looking down from heaven by the time the next one happens.

So leading up to the eclipse, I didn’t pray, I didn’t ask God, but it was just my thought.  I was thinking…gosh, I really want to see the eclipse.  So, I couldn’t get any glasses so I said okay, well I guess I just won’t see it.  I was pretty much resolved not to see it, then I thought I’ll just take my regular glasses out and look, maybe a miracle will happen.  I thought about that.

So a lot of you know that on Mondays I’m not here on the campus.  But on the 21st, now check this out.  How God worked this out. The three adults that are here, part of the staff or two who are always here, Ms. Pam is always here and Ms. Renee is always here and Mondays are Jimmy’s days off.  So on the 21st all three of them were gone. So at our staff meeting I said okay well on the 21st with those in charge gone guess who needs to be here…I need to be here.  We need an adult somebody in charge because the Winners business is going and of course we also have Treasure Land.  So on the 21st I’m here and normally I’m not here and I’m in my office and I go out with my regular glasses and I looked up and bout got blinded, well that’s not gonna work.  So I figured I’m just simply gonna not see the eclipse.

A little bit later, there’s a knock on the door.  I get up I go and here is a neighborhood person, say that with me “a neighborhood person” not a member of the Church, but someone from the neighborhood, they knocked on the door I opened it and they said “Hi, Pastor Harris” and I thought what the heck and he said “do you want to see the eclipse?” and he hands me a pair of glasses.  And I said “Oh my God!” I forgot to bring them with me, I have the glasses in my office.  He hands me the glasses, and he said I came down, decided to walk by and to offer you the glasses.  They are yours, you can have them, just in case you wanted to see the eclipse.

Remember what I said, “the variety of ways” small, big, Church that was not luck! That was not a coincidence, God knows our hearts and he knew I really wanted to see the eclipse.  I took the glasses went out into the middle of the street and it was amazing! Oh my goodness and I stared, I went back in came out 5 minutes later, went back in, came back out 5minutes later.  I needed to check this out, why? Because this is my last chance to see it.  Then I went back in, hit my knees and said “God, You are amazing!”  8/8 Blessing!  He cares about the little things, just as He cares about the big things and He blessed me to see the eclipse.  What are the chances?

  1. I’m not here on Mondays but I was here that Monday…God hooked it up Amen
  2. That a person would walk by, knock on the door with glasses and say “I just thought maybe you would want to see the eclipse. That’s God Church! That is God!