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Security Clearance

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Back in February, I had a job offer from the Federal Government. The position requires me to have a security clearance. Even though I have one of the highest levels of clearances in the country and my clearance is still active.  They wanted me to redo my clearance all over again.  I tried very hard not to no avail to get out of this, but they still required it.

A call, an email that I have been waiting for…for the past seven (7) months.  I’ve been waiting for this for the past seven (7) months.  You won’t believe this just this morning on 8/8 and just before 8am. I received a call from the Federal Government and they told me to check my email in reference to my security clearance, because it!

I believe this is no coincidence, but the doing of the Lord! You can read this email to them so that the body of Christ can be encouraged knowing that the Lord, He is good!

This is from a very strong, active member of Tacoma Christian Center.  This is real…I need to say that again this is real.  The almighty God His Son Jesus Christ the Lion of the Tribe of Judah at this time has declared a season of Blessings upon Tacoma Christian Center.