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Ursula’s Blessing

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8/8 is real.  God is good!  I’m doing this because He gets all the Praise and all the Glory.  I want to give the Honor, Glory and Thanks to God. And Blessings to Pastor Harris and Lady G.

So 8/8….well on 8/8 on my blessings came in kind of full force.  I was having major car issues and on 8/8 I received a preapproval from my credit union for a car.  So the first car dealership I went to, they said they couldn’t find my car’s VIN number in the system so they only wanted to give me $100 for it.  So I said “No thank you” so in the same week I went to a second car dealership and found a car, but my credit union still wanted more money then what I had and I thought this is ridiculous so I declined that too.  Because I didn’t have the money.

So then I thought maybe I should just try to fix the car.  Because I just paid it off the car in June.  My mechanic did the diagnostic and said it was the sensors.  So I dropped $600 for the sensors and the car still had major problems.  So anyway, I need to get back to car shopping so I was led to Car Pros.  So Car Pros they financed me and they also took my car in for 1,000.  Praise God!

And on top of that the salesman as we were talking was talking about this procedure he needed done but he was very anxious about it. And it’s a procedure that I had not too long ago, so as we started talking and everything come to find out we had the same doctor.  So I was living testimony to him, on how good this doctor is because he is the best in his field.  And that was a blessing because I begin to see his anxiety start to fade away.  So I was meant to go there so I could help him out.  And he made the decision to go ahead and have the procedure done.

At the same time on 8/8 I was also faced with that I had to move from our residence and I was given until the end of September.  Well not only did I find a place, but a great place with a great location.  This place usually has a waiting list, but I got in, I don’t have to pay any utilities, I have a phone line, I have cable.  Hallelujah!  God is Awesome!  And I just moved in this weekend.  Hallelujah! Praise God!

Not only that, but I received an unexpected check for $13.07 so I call that my gas money.  But last week, I got another unexpected check for like $270 something dollars and I needed a bed so there was my bed.  I got it delivered yesterday!  I was first on the list so I got it yesterday morning.  God is blessing me! Blessing me! Even with the little things, I mean like yesterday when we were moving my furniture and all of that.  You know it rained off and on all day long, we didn’t get rained on at all.  Praise the Lord!

I just want to say that God is Awesome, He is Amazing and He is true to His Word!  You have to believe Him!  You have to trust Him! You have to have Faith in Him!  Because He’s going to come through for you! Trust me, He’s doing it for all of us you guys.  Praise God!  Hallelujah!