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Washington High School Football players help setup for Back To School

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This past Thursday night, we had to lay down the gym floor and we also had to move 1,200 backpacks from the Teen Sanctuary over to Winners Gym.  We put the call out to the congregation for the help.  We want to publicly acknowledge and thank Momma P and Daddy P they showed up to help and did help.  Judith, Marvin, three of our Deacons…Deacon Kelly, Deacon Wayne, Deacon Bobby, along with Ms. Pam our administrator and myself so that was it.  And with that few of people laying down that entire gym floor the mats along with moving 1,200 backpacks it was going to take a while.

But we are in the season of 8/8.  God knew, somebody say Amen and God saw, somebody say Amen that us few old folk was going to have a time doing all that work and here’s He did.  Here’s what God did for us that night.  The Washington High School football players showed up.  They saved my back, somebody say Amen, they saved my legs, these young man, these football players laid down all the mats for the floor and they jumped in and helped us carry all the backpacks over.  The whole thing took 45minutes. They went nuts over the weight room upstairs.  Here’s a blessing Deacon Kelly talk to the coach and we’re going to setup a Saturday night because all the kids said “we want to come back”, “we want to come back.”  We’re setting up a Saturday night for them so they can come over to Winner’s Gym and just have a great time basketball, lifting weights and enjoying our facility.  Deacon Kelly brought them over to the Main Sanctuary.  They took pictures of the Main Sanctuary and those kids coming up to my afterwards, thanking me a couple of them even hugged me now they don’t know me from Adam.  They were so excited, it turned out to be an incredible night, a wonderful night and throughout the night as those kids were bringing the backpacks over.  The Holy Spirit kept whispering to me 8/8; 8/8; 8/8; the Gate is still open, it’s 8/8.  Give the Lord a big praise.  Amen